Revelations was a good scary read. I was noticing the similarities of revelations and the other myths that were talked about in class. I noticed the use of the serpent, or dragon. In the earlier texts, they spoke of the dragon who will come down to fight Thor in the Seeress Prophecy. They also speak of a great serpent in the Osiris myth. The book, Ancient Myths, has many references to the water serpent. I believe that the serpent plays more of a role than we have deduced before. The serpent or snake is seen eating himself in the Norse myth. This is seen as all encompassing, but I see it as the serpent is voracious and materialistic. He can never get enough. This is backed up by the fact that he comes at the end to get all of creation. The serpent may have more to it than just that, but that would be more of an esoteric reasoning and I am not debating that.

I will have the name of the book and pages upon returning home.