Fascination With the Apocalypse



Why is there such a fervor, right now, with preachers, and people saying that the apocalypse is at hand? I know, you will say that it has always been around, but I have noticed the increase with literature and media about how Revelations is happening.

There is the people who say that Obama is the anti-christ, and the new pope is the beast. I am barraged with bad videos on YouTube, and see prophets on television. One book I thought was interesting was by Tom Horn, and it says that the Vatican is starting the apocalypse. That is a twist.

Then there is talk of the R.F.I.D chip and how it is the mark of the beast from Revelations. The talk of the end of the world has increased. I am seeing more and more that people think we are living in the last days.

So my question again is, why is there such a fervor for  the end?