Metallica has been around for over thirty years, inspiring musicians and tackling difficult subject matter. One of these subjects is the nuclear holocaust. Their song Fight Fire with Fire starts off with a soft acoustic guitar intro and then we are greeted with the loud, angry main riff of the song. It really adds to an atmosphere of chaos and disorder. I think in their own way Metallica was trying to put into music what the apocalypse would sound like. It’s a difficult subject that authors like Miller, and Wells have tried to articulate in their works. We are told in the first few lines of the song to “Do unto others as they’ve done to you” which immediately brings to mind A Canticle for Leibowitz. In Canticle, we are told that the princes of the ancient ones retaliated against each other by firing their missiles until the whole world was left a desolate wasteland. The lead singer of Metallica then goes on to say “Blow the universe into nothingness” and “Nuclear warfare shall lay us to rest” which shows us that even more contemporary works are trying to deal with the difficulty of the apocalypse and what it means to us. The lead singer of the band, James Hetfield was raised in a family of Christian scientists and, therefore, has a good deal of knowledge about scripture. So when talking about the apocalypse he also makes reference to the biblical apocalypse in revelations he says “Armageddon’s here, like said in the past”. The song ends with the band repeating the lines “Fight Fire with Fire” which is a pessimistic view that seems to be shared by many after the invention of the nuclear warfare. Miller, Wells, and Hetfield seem to agree that we are doomed to destroy ourselves again and again. I will put a link for the live version of the song performed in 2008 and also the original album version if anyone would like to listen to the song.