In class, we have mostly looked at worlds that have become dystopians because of an apocalypse such as in the Canticle of Lebowitz and Year of the Flood. Naturally, when we look at something in class, I tend to look on the other side. Utopians are the opposite of dystopians, yet I wonder if they are still result of an apocalypse. Maybe all the topias are the imagined worlds of what the world was like before the first apocalypse or after the apocalypse that is yet to come. The imagined worlds are just ways people view the apocalypse. Utopias could be an optimist’s view of the world that is yet to come; whereas, dystopias are the pessimist’s view. Then, there are also the realists who might envision a zootopia which is neither all good nor or bad which is explained in the video below.

Although the trailer states, “Humans never existed,” my point still stands because perhaps this was before humans became human. Maybe originally we were animals that had modern knowledge, but an apocalypse happened which caused the knowledge to disappear and basically restart in our human form. Of course this is all theoretical; however, this class has inspired me to think outside of the box and in the hypothetical. The subject of an apocalypse itself is based on the unknown. We do not know if we have already lived through an apocalypse or the exact time or form of the apocalypse that could come.

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When one thinks about it, death is a person’s personal apocalypse, and heaven is basically a utopia. Everyone has a different perspective of heaven. Some see shiny gates while others see their past pet or relative. Just like heaven, people might see different utopias. Thomas More sees a utopia of wars with little bloodshed, and everyone serves equally; whereas, someone else might see a world where humans and the Earth live in harmony like in the Garden of Eden. (More 142-143; More 109)

A topic that has continuously been brought up is a subjective apocalypse, so if we can all have different apocalypses, that means the before and after would certainly be different as well. Some might think we got our hope of world peace from a time before an apocalypse when Adam and Eve lived in peace; others might choose to be afraid of the dystopia that is yet to come. The main point is that we cannot judge others on what they believe the apocalypse will be because it might be as personal as someone’s religious views, so until the apocalypse actually happens, there is no way to prove that the world will be a dystopian or a utopian.


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