It seems since the popularity of the zombie apocalypse has peaked that the idea of preparing or creating a plan for the apocalypse has also become a popular topic of conversation. The questions of where you would go, what weapons and supplies you would need, and who you would want to survive with emerge when this topic is addressed. Apocalypse film and literature fanatics have made headlines creating survival shelters where they can take refuge when the apocalypse begins. Some of these shelters are extremely luxurious and well thought out and shock people with the amount of effort and commitment placed on an event that nobody knows if or when it will happen. In a lot of ways this is reminiscent of the Cold War era when people were so afraid of attack that they built fallout shelters.

Some companies have attempted to profit from this trend by selling survival kits, which are mostly rebranded wilderness survival kits. Their even books on how to prepare! Everything from weapons to non-perishable food is being branded as a life saving necessity for the apocalypse. For example, Z.E.R.O (Zombie Extermination, Research, and Operations) kit by OpticsPlanet claims to have the items that will not only help you survive the apocalypse but also find a cure. The kit features weapons, tools, protective gear, and lab equipment.

You can buy it here for $23,999 USD (I highly suggest reading the reviews)

It is obvious that some people are willing to invest in preparing for the apocalypse, but can you ever really be prepared for the end of the world as we know it? There are so many different theories on how the apocalypse will happen it seem impossible to be prepared for every possibility. Nobody knows when the apocalypse will occur so it seems difficult to have a specific plan. It is interesting to contemplate what you would do to survive under certain circumstances, but can you truly ever be prepared for the apocalypse?