I know it has been touched on already, but this is a topic that has intrigued me ever since I sat down to watch the first episode of The Walking Dead: natural selection in the apocalypse. I pay direct attention to who survives, who dies, why those who survive survive and why those who die die. What traits are present that contribute to survival or death? It’s literally survival of the fittest. Those who are able to adapt to whichever apocalyptic environment they find themselves in are those who will end up surviving: from learning to cope with the inevitable death and need to kill in the realm of Walking Dead to developing strict daily routines and policies in the world of I Am Legend. But it isn’t necessarily as easy as comprehending the dynamics of Darwin’s revolutionary theory. There’s much more to surviving than knowing that 1) There is variation in traits; 2) There is differential reproduction; 3) There is heredity and the surviving organism gets to reproduce; and 4) The more advantageous the trait, the more common it becomes in a population. I’ll come back to Walking Dead here for an example of each point: 1) There are many different groups in the Walking Dead universe, who often operate under varying principles (from the cannibalistic people of Terminus to the ruthlessly murderous Wolves to the show’s group of “normal” heroes); 2) These different traits become fundamental to each group, and therefore would become adopted by the group’s descendents; 3) There has been one birth in the show so far (and another on the way) and both involve the main group because they have survived every other group they’ve encountered, ergo, they’ve earned the ability to reproduce; and 4) every trait (cannibalism, murder, thievery) that exists in this world exists because it is advantageous to the survival of its consumer. The ultimate question becomes: Would you be willing to conform to whatever is necessary to keep you and those you love alive? If the answer is anything but yes, your survival doesn’t look very promising.

Here is the URL to Charles Darwin’s Game of Survival; see if you’ll survive!


Also, the URL to the “most comprehensive Zombie Apocalypse Survival quiz you’re likely to find!” Oooo…



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