The concept of monsters “taking over the world?” – I am familiar with this concept, or at least I thought I was as a five-year old sitting on my living room floor in front of the television. My first interactions with monsters were on the television screen in films that consisted of aliens coming down to earth, and killing or abducting mass amounts of the human population. As a child, I was completely terrified by the uncertainty of this concept. This movie that I volunteered to watch about aliens as a child was vastly fictional, yet I was certain that these creatures were monsters. Although scarred by the potential of aliens stealing me in my sleep, I had little knowledge of the realities people faced elsewhere. As a child, I was naïve, and couldn’t imagine the amount of pain or terror that other human beings could incur on another. Aliens were the only creature I perceived as monsters. These monsters were the only thing that could bring harm to the world, and potentially end the human existence entirely.

At this point in my life, I knew very little about the fact that monsters can take a variety of forms.

Following the discussion of Dr. Strangelove, this childhood concern reentered my mind. Instead of fearing an imaginative creature, the characters in Dr. Strangelove feared themselves. They feared themselves because of the power they knew they had to destroy the world. As a child, here I was, with the irrational fear of aliens invading my home, when this fear is an everyday reality for others in war-stricken countries. However, instead of the green, deformed human-like creatures as displayed in the films, the monsters are other human beings. People who live, or grow up in, states of war are faced with the fear of their monsters everyday. Their monsters aren’t a figment of their imagination and restricted to the television screen, their monsters are among them and very much real. The end of their world is in another person’s hands. The fact being of Dr. Strangelove, humans have already taken over the world, and it is just a matter of time before they abuse this power and eliminate the human population – the real concern is whether we survive it or not.