How many phone numbers do you have memorized? I have about 3 memorized: my mom and dad’s house number, my own cell phone number and my childhood best friend’s parent’s house number (although I don’t even know if they still have this number). The rest of the numbers that I use are stored in my handy cell phone, and I’m sure this is the same for you.

We live in a world where you can watch as spectators of hockey games play on their phone instead of watching the puck soar over the ice. We live in a world where wedding guests are turned in their chairs taking pictures of the moment instead of enjoying the moment of spectacular bliss as a fiancé sees his bride for the first time. We live in a world where a hike to a beautiful moment top needs a picture posted to Instagram or Facebook instead of enjoying the serenity of nature. Everything we do is centered on some sort of digital device. Our classrooms have computers and projectors that enhance the learning experience, our contact book is stored in our contact lists and half us can’t spell because of spell check or auto-correct. Our world is completely digital and our dependence for this technology grows ever single day, and it will only grow more as technology advances.

Has society experienced a technological or digital apocalypse? Are we on the verges of becoming the humans of WALL-E who sit in hover chairs and communicate through screens? Is this our future?

Social media and technology have replaced the very things we use to do. Confrontations are now done over text message or Facebook messenger, while our coffee is made by machines and our laundry tumbles in the dryer. Perhaps, a technological apocalypse doesn’t seem bad to some, but our dependence on technology will debilitate us. It makes us vulnerable and desperate, and the more technology replaces the things we do the worse we will become at those things. For example, most people can’t do math in their head and rely on calculators. While those same people can hack into computer systems. We become smarter with technology and can do more things with technology, but we are losing the ability to do basic survival skills such as starting a fire or making bread from scratch. We are losing interaction with other humans, and I am Legend showed how desperate one can get for human interaction, but yet we choose to ignore the people around us.

Albert Einstein once said “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” ** on a side note (this literally has nothing to do with my post) this quote is hugely contested, and some people argue that this quote is false** Have we reached this point in time? Are we becoming a generation of idiots dependent on technology who would rather play on their phone than connect with the people, environment and world around us?