Post apocalyptic literature may only be created if people have survived the destruction. For instance, in Miller’s take on the post apocalypse, the world reverts back to the dark ages where mankind must fight for survival. Similarly, there is video game called Rust that shares this post apocalypse survival motif.

The game itself is quite simple. The idea is to survive from square one, meaning that you start with nothing but a rock and torch. From there you may gather resources in order to build clothes, houses, food, or even weapons. Unfortunately, servers that host the game will wipe periodically (most on a monthly basis), giving the game a fresh start for new characters to join and for old ones to try creating something new. What I’ve notice that is interesting about the game is that it is split into three stages that are reminiscent of Miller’s three parts. First you start with nothing; then you build weapons, research blueprints, and start wars; finally you create alliances to create, build, and attack with groups. For the majority of the game you are stuck in part 2 trying to survive on your own while you research and discover blueprints to help build a strong defense and offense.

However, once you do start battling others in the game, the game becomes like something written by Atwood. That is to say that the game is now Painball.  The reason why it becomes Painball is because of the helicopters that circle around the the island that you live on. These helicopters shoot on sight and ask questions afterwards. No player in the game may create helicopters, therefore they are controlled by NPCs (non-player characters) which leads to the conclusion that the island is a prison to keep people in. When you start the game you are actually waking up in a jail that is similar to Atwood’s Painball, a survival for your life for the sole purpose of entertaining others.

Therefore, the game itself looks like it is the start off as a post apocalyptic novel, but it is the surveillance of the unknown that leads me to believe it is closer to a dystopian world that has a game of survival of the fittest broadcasted for the purpose of entertainment.

If you are interested in the game you can check it out on Steam.