Is there psychology behind our love of the apocalypse? Why do we find the literature and film surrounding it so appealing? I discovered an interesting article that attempts to explain it:

A lot of what this article says is quite plausible. While knowing an exact date of an apocalypse is unsettling for some, I think others would indeed find comfort in it. The article mentions that it would relieve anxiety and allow us to start preparing, but I think it can go even further than that. If we knew the day of the world’s end, we could live our lives any way we wished without regret. So what if you quit your job? You know you won’t have to go back… and this can apply to basically any decision you would make.

Another point made in this article is that life would be more simplistic if, say, a zombie apocalypse were to occur. No school, no job, no responsibilities at all, really. We could go back to our primal days of focusing on finding food and shelter and not worrying about unnecessary social customs. The article mentions that in our day and age with so many stressful things going on such as terrorism, war, and climate change, an apocalypse may even be desired as a getaway. I personally think that is a large reason behind the appeal – why we turn to apocalyptic video games, TV shows, films and books – because they give us a chance to fantasize about a different world without real consequences.